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February 12, 2015
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August 31, 2015
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Why can’t we have all of the active ingredients all in one?

Active ingredients are volatile, depending on the degree of their potency. The more you combine active ingredients into one product the less effective they become because combining these special ingredients decrease their effectiveness by cancellation or neutralization. In the case of BioMethod’s cleansing treatments; Energisant Pro and Fortifiant + both have the same patented cleanser derived from the coconut, and includes all the vital trace elements for health hair, such as; copper, zinc, and complex sugars. The difference is that we have separated the “treatment” component of the products that target the scalp and the hair individually.

Energisant contains a unique “power up” formula that successfully focuses on the distress caused to hair growth from issues involving the scalp – DHT, sebum, inflammation and so on.

Fortifiant, shares the same active healthy cleansing action but targets those stresses involving the actual hair itself by providing nutrition, minerals and structural sugars for strength, and keratin for survival throughout the life of the hair as well as contains elements that help with water retention (hydration). These crucial components make it so that the hair survives styling, heat, chemicals and the environmental pollutions and stresses that cause the hair to suffer.

By separating these two active targeted purposes, we are able to preserve the potency and keep the effectiveness at its optimum. It does create a situation where now 2 cleansers are necessary for what we are accustomed to having 1 cleanser do, but the results are well worth the change in thinking that 1 product is better than 2 and that 1 product should satisfy all the needs of healthy hair care. Remember to leave the BioMethod cleansers on for 3+ minutes for most effectiveness as it is a formula that requires time to do its job !!!!

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