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December 5, 2014
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Énergisant Pro Cleanser for the Scalp


Energisant Pro for Conditions of the Scalp – Thinning and Shedding Hair

This energizing and rejuvenating cleansing treatment uses its anti-aging formula to treat conditions of the scalp relating to oil production and thinning hair.

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  1. Shannon

    this may be my second review. I have left a comment on the BioMethod Facebook page after my first purchase. I have purchased the Energisant and Mineralisante . I have had curly, coarse hair all my life and post menopausal my hair started thinning, a lot. In a years time I had so much thinning my hairs texture had changed and growth much slower. After seeing a segment on Extra I looked up the product, asked a lot of questions and decided to try it. After trying the products, I am sold. The difference in my hair is obvious, to all my family. My curls are bouncy and full, my hair feels thicker and softer. The texture is still less course than it was before all my issues. I will be using this for life now. My family asks what I want for Christmas, birthday, easy. BioMethod.

  2. Howard

    Shann has an amazing product! I’ve been using the Shampoo for six months or more and my hair has great texture and always seems clean. Love it!

  3. Cindy

    This is my first time using Énergisant Pro. I love it. My hair is already starting to not fall out and is getting softer. And this is only within a week of receiving this incredible shampoo. I can wash my hair and wait two full days before washing again. I

  4. swapnabhaskaruni

    The ONLY shampoo that reduces my hair loss

  5. Barbara

    I Use Energisant and Hydro-Pro. Best products I’ve ever used for my thinning hair. my hAir now has some fullness in spite of the thinness. If on the fence about buying this product, don’t be. It is so worth the money and a little goes a long way if you have short hair. Very satisfied with the products. Also, I believe the hair falling out has diminished greatly. Have some but so much less than before using this product. Hair is shiny, full and looks so nice and clean all the time and the fragrance of both items are light.

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